7 Best Ways to Save Money in India

7 Best Ways to Save Money in India

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Save Money in India this is the important point for every Indian people.

We know that money is very important in our life. Therefore we are going to talk about Save Money in India.

“Money makes man happy as well as rich”

The main question is, how we can save money in India. Here are some ways this help you to save money in your life.

Save Money in India

Shop with a list

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Peoples are always thinking about save money in India. Therefore this is the best way to save money.

We know that while shopping, many shoppers wasting their time to decide which product they want to take.

While you are buying something that time you don’t have enough time to select particular product which you want in your home.

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If you are buying products in bulk that time it’s not easy task to remember all products.

In confusion you select unnecessary product which you don’t need. Here you have wasted your money as well as time.

Here unnecessary money spending is not affordable for any Indian common man. Therefore We have to always think about how we can reduce our expenses.    

Therefore friend don’t waste your money. Just simple way you can make a list of those shopping products which you want.

If you make a list of your shopping product it help you remember which product is first important to buy. Then you can see your list and buy that product.

Buy in bulk, but be careful

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If we take one single thing in any super market then definitely we can’t request that store keeper to reduce the price of that product.

One simple way is that we can take many products in bulk that time surely we can request to that store keeper to give us some discount on these product.

I know that every time we can’t buy product in bulk. Therefore that time simple way to take help from your neighbors. You can convince them to take some products with you.

Try to buy all products in local market. You will get products in low price than branded shop.

The rates in Branded shops also more than local shop because they are providing more Facilities than the local shop. For example Air conditions, lights, sitting arrangement etc.

But our main motive is that save money in India so we don’t need any facilities for that.

I recommend you to take product in bulk but don’t take from branded shops. You can take that from local shops.

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Learn To Bargain – Save Money in India

We are Indian and one thing is that we don’t need to teach by others and that is bargaining. We can say bargaining is in our blood.

Especially Indian women’s are expert in bargaining. Because whenever I went in market with my mother that time I have notice her. Even you must have notice that thing.

We can say bargaining is art which we can use to save money in India.

We know that every shopkeeper tell you double price of any product. But actual price of that product is half.

Main question, you need to bargain here. We can start our price from low and slowly you can increase your amount and you can notice shopkeeper also reducing price of that product. Shopkeeper want also sell that product. If price in your budget you can buy that product.

According to me bargaining skill is very important for everyone which can help you to save money. If you don’t know how to bargaining then you can take a help of your friend or family member.

Mobile Plans for Family

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If you are using digital wallets then definitely you know about online mobile plans.

But you are using that plans for only your mobile.

Here you can save money by simple trick. You can use mobile plans for family.

Now many mobile companies providing recharge plans for family.

Therefore you can take benefits of that offers to add balance your mobile phones.

You will get cash back offers or discount offers if you select right mobile plans for family.

Share Vehicles (Save Money in India)

If we think about our regular expense then money for travel comes under in that category.

Travelling is thing where you pay every day some money for taxi.

But here you can save money by sharing your taxi with other peoples.

When you go to taxi stand that time you must have notice there many people also waiting for taxi.

Here you can do one thing you can convince to that people to share one taxi with multiple people.

If you do that then you can also save your money.

Therefore this can help you to reduce in daily expense.

Electricity Bills (Save Money in India)

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The main thing is in world that is electricity.

We can say, without electricity we can’t live.

But problem is that now we are facing problems related electricity production.

Now we know that electricity is made by coal and sources of coal are limited.

So we need to save electricity. This will not only helps to reduce your electricity bills but also help to save electricity.

I recommend you if you are not in your room then you have to switch off lights and fan.

You can save electricity by doing small things. This helps you to save money.   

Money saving challenge

Make Online Booking Travel

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Now we are moving toward digital world.

Mostly in India all things are going to digital.

Whenever you decide to visit new place then you always make one mistake and that is you are not booking for travel.

I want to tell you if you are decide to visit new place you can book your tickets online.

There are lots of benefits from online booking travel package.

Now in market there are many companies offering travel packages in affordable price.  

And here you have chance to save money by selecting your perfect travel package.

Therefore this thing helps you to save money.


Here I have discussed with you the important things in our daily life.

Therefore using this thing we can save money in India. We know that all points are not possible to follow. But we can try to use possible ways to save money.

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