How to start a small business in India

How to start a small business in India

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How to start a small business in India ?

Hello Beautiful people, How are you ? So I am going talk about how you can start your small business in India.

Why I am talking about business because business can make you successful in your life.

If you compare between business and Job then definitely some people would say about Business is best and also some people would say Job is the best.

Yes, It totally depends on people. Some people don’t like 9 to 5 job routine.

I am from that people, I don’t like to do same thing everyday. Even I don’t play one smartphone game more than two days.

So, I like to start my own business. But there are many challenges before starting new business.

Here I am talking about those things which you should know start before your business.

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Market Research

Market Research
start a small business in India

For Example if smartphone company don’t know about people demand then how they can sell their product.

Here you need to understand people approach what people like to do?

Business is totally depends on Demand and supply.

First you should know, which product people use in daily life.

For that you need to go out and see the the people intention.

Once you are able to find people requirement then you can proceed for the next step.

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Investment In Small Business

Most important thing in any business is Investment. Here we are talking about How to start a small business in India.

Small Business means a small investment. You might have heard about “if you want something then you need to loos something”

Without investment we can’t start any business. It can be a small investment or high amount too.

I prefer to start business in low investment.

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Product Manufacturing

Product manufacturing

start a small business in India

Product manufacturing is the second step in start a small business in India.

Here we take Example “Chai” is a our small product.

We know about “Chai” I think every Indian start day with sweet “Chai”

This is our home product so, we now about how to make “Chai”

Also, we know about cost of manufacturing.

But, Here we are thinking like a business perspective. So we need to start outside the home.

So, we need to hire a place for business. you can take permission from big company and place you stall outside the company.

And we Know that Indian people like to have “Chai” in a small stall instead of Restaurant.

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start a small business in India

You can say marketing is the pillar of any business.

Let’s Take example, if about my product people don’t have any idea then people will take my product.

For selling more product you need to reach near maximum people.

I want to tell you here if you maintain quality in your product definitely people will buy your product.

Here Let’s take one example i-phone is so expensive than other phones which available in the market. Butstill, people prefer to buy that phone.

If you are giving best quality than your competitor then people will prefer you.


For Example

“chai” manufacturing cost – 3 Rs

Cost of “chai” – 10 Rs

You are selling 500 Cup daily

Cost of sell per day 500*10 =5000 Rs

Manufacturing cost per day 500*3 = 1500 Rs

Actual profit 5000-1500 = 3500 Rs

Let’s say other investment (Rent of stall., electricity etc) are 1500 Rs

Main Profit is 3500 – 1500 = 2000 Rs

Then monthly you can make 2000 * 30 = 60,000 Rs


Here you have seen, How you can make money bystart a small business in India. please share your experiences with us through comments us.

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