Money saving Challenge for 2019

Money saving Challenge for 2019

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Save Money

Money saving challenge is very important for any person in world because we fully depend on money.

Money is not only use for make happiness in our life but also it helps to complete essential requirements.

Now we know that when our requirements also going to get increases. Here we need to understand, that is we have to save money for better future.

Money saving can help us to survive in this world with people who have already successful.

We have seen many people are trying to save money but they are not able to follow their schedule which they have made.

Also we have seen peoples, They have’t start save money until now. We know that every year start with some resolution but question is that Really we follow that?

The decisions which you have taken that you should take as challenge. you have to excitement about that. Then definitely your dream will come in reality.

Take your New Year resolution as challenge and decide “I want save some money at the end of this year”.  

Money saving challenge will help you to save some amount of money. This amount you can use for making your bright future.

Here are the some challenges you can use them and end of the year you will good amount in your hand.

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The 52 Weeks Money Saving Challenge

We know that depends on salary people can save daily, weekly, monthly.

Savings are not easy task for those people who have less salary in their office. But saving is necessary for everyone.

If we work 30 days for salary, so we have to save some money for our future expense. Unnecessarily money spending is not proper. Then definitely it is not a proper money management.

Therefore this 52 Weeks money saving Challenge is for those people who are not able to save money daily.

Money saving habit is always helping you to become good management expert. Here you resist yourself from buying unwanted things.

How it works?

 52 weeks saving challenge is very popular saving challenge. It helps you to understand long term saving plans.

We know that 1 year having 52 weeks and here we can start with 50 rupees. Then next week we can save 100 rupees. You need increase your amount by 50 every week until 52 week.

We can see all details in following tables.

Week No. Deposit Amount (Rs) Total Balance (Rs)
Week 1 50 50
Week 2 100 150
Week 3 150 300
Week 4 200 500
Week 5 250 750
Week 6 300 1050
Week 7 350 1400
Week 8 400 1800
Week 9 450 2250
Week 10 500 2750
Week 11 550 3300
Week 12 600 3900
Week 13 650 4550
Week 14 700 5250
Week 15 750 6000
Week 16 800 6800
Week 17 850 7650
Week 18 900 8550
Week 19 950 9500
Week 20 1000 10500
Week 21 1050 11550
Week 22 1100 12650
Week 23 1150 13800
Week 24 1200 15000
Week 25 1250 16250
Week 26 1300 17550
Week 27 1350 18900
Week 28 1400 20300
Week 29 1450 21750
Week 30 1500 23250
Week 31 1550 24800
Week 32 1600 26400
Week 33 1650 28050
Week 34 1700 29750
Week 35 1750 31500
Week 36 1800 33300
Week 37 1850 35150
Week 38 1900 37050
Week 39 1950 39000
Week 40 2000 41000
Week 41 2050 43050
Week 42 2100 45150
Week 43 2150 47300
Week 44 2200 49500
Week 45 2250 51750
Week 46 2300 54050
Week 47 2350 56400
Week 48 2400 58800
Week 49 2450 61250
Week 50 2500 63750
Week 51 2550 66300
Week 52 2600 68900

We can see at the end of the year you will have 68,900 Rupees.  68,900 rupees is not less amount for any common man.

If you fallow this schedule for each week definitely you will achieve your goal.

When 68,900 amounts will in your hand then that moment will very special for you. Because this money is saves by your hard work.

Some peoples are not comfortable with 52 week money saving challenge then we have another money saving challenge for them that is Monthly money saving Challenge.

7 Best Ways to Save Money,Money saving Challenges,save money
Money Saving Challenge

Monthly Money Saving Challenge

Monthly money saving challenge is quit same as weekly challenge. Here people have more time to save money.

Here peoples having four weeks to save money and then they can deposit amount.

12 months time for saving and people can start from 500 rupees. It is an enough amount for starting monthly saving.

Challenge is you have to increase the amount of deposit each month by 500.

How it works?

For example if you deposits 500 rupees January then you have to deposit 1000 Rupees in February and 1500 for March. This you have to do that for next 12 month.

Months Deposit Amount (Rs) Total Balance (Rs)
January 500 500
February 1000 1500
March 1500 3000
April 2000 5000
May 2500 7500
June 3000 10500
July 3500 14000
August 4000 18000
September 4500 22500
October 5000 27500
November 5500 33000
December 6000 39000

Here at the end of December you will have thirty nine thousand rupees. This amount is very high. And other peoples are not able to earn this amount in month. But you have save this amount which is incredible.

Ones you will get confidence in your life then you can achieve everything, whatever you want in your life.

Daily Money Saving Challenge

Daily expenses also matter in our monthly budget. You have seen most of money we have spend for travelling, food, home expenses etc.

In our daily schedule, have we think about money saving? We use money to complete essential requirements but we don’t think how to save money ?.

Here is daily money saving challenge which can help you to save some amount of money at the end of month.

In this challenge we will save less money but for non working woman and student can follow this challenge.

Here we have divide month in four weeks and made schedule for week. Here we start saving very less budget which is 10 rupees.

Then Monday to Saturday we have to increase deposit amount by 10 rupees.

How it works?

Day’s Deposit Amount (Rs) Total Balance (Rs)
Monday 10 10
Tuesday 20 30
Wednesday 30 60
Thursday 40 100
Friday 50 150
Saturday 60 210
Sunday 70 280

We can see at end of the week we have saved 280 rupees. In full months if we follow same schedule then (280*4 = 1120 rupees).

We know that 1120 rupees amount is very less but this can our starting.

We know that this amount is not so big. But saving is the amount for your future.

Here we can learn how we can save money in daily life.

7 Best Ways to Save Money,Money saving Challenges,save money
Best Ways to Save Money

Mini Money Saving Challenge

For students:

We have discussed about different money saving challenges but that challenges are for working persons.

Here we are going to talk about mini money saving challenge for students. We know that money saving habit is should having students. Student can start saving money from their pocket money.

Students don’t have money to save but they can make piggy bank to save money. If parents start to encourage them to do this thing as an activity, definitely they will do this.

You can also teach them skills about money saving which will help in their future.

Here student can start Mini Money saving Challenge with very less amount (5 rupees). We can make schedule for one week here.

How it works?

First day Monday you have to add 5 rupees in your piggy bank. Then next day Tuesday you need to add 10 rupees. Every day you have to add extra 5 rupees than previous day. This process you have to repeat till Sunday.

You can follow this chart:

Days Deposit Amount (Rs) Total Balance (Rs)
Monday 5 5
Tuesday 10 15
Wednesday 15 30
Thursday 20 50
Friday 25 75
Saturday 30 105
Sunday 35 140

You can see in above chart there at the end of week students can able to save 140 rupees in their piggy bank. If calculate this amount for one month’s then this will (140 * 4 = 560 Rupees).

We know that this amount is not big but intention behind is that students should have knowledge about money saving.

This money saving challenge can make students experts in other skills.

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Last Thoughts:

You have seen some money saving challenges in our post but this will only help you when you will follow strictly in your schedule.

Regular habits are very important if this habit you adopt, definitely it will help you to grow your money in your account.

If these Money saving challenges help you then please comment down in comment box and also share our post with your friends.

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