Start a part-time business without investment

Start a part-time business without investment

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Would you like to Start a Part-time business without investment?

Hey, I am going to ask you because some people has some skills but because of more work load they are not able to showcase that.

Here today I am going to talk to you about, Is it really possible to start a part-time business without investment.

This article is very important for those people who are doing job but they have very less salary.

Because of less salary they are not able to survive in their life. They can make money by start part-time business.

How to start a part-time business

Here we need to understand, when you free? some people will say they are free on only Sunday.

Some people have daily few time and some people have Saturday and Sunday.

Again we need to understand here which are the businesses you can run by investing less time.

Because you can not give your full time for this business.

By considering all this thing we have found five best part-time business which you can start in less investment.

Best part-time business

Best part-time business

5 Best part-time business

  1. Affiliate marketing
  2. Writer
  3. Social Media Manager
  4. Youtuber
  5. Blogging

Affiliate marketing

We know that many people like to do online shopping.

And here we are talking about affiliate marketing so this is type of business.

Affiliate marketing is nothing but selling a product online. here the question comes how to sell a product online?

What is affiliate marketing and how does it work?

For online selling, first you need some platform to communicate with your audience.

If you have an audience then you can sell the product to them.

You can select different Affiliate marketing companies for your Part-time business .

1.Affiliate marketing amazon
2.Affiliate marketing flipkart

Both are very popular companies for affiliate marketing.


If you want to start start a part time business then writing is a best thing which you can do without any investment.

If you are able to effective writing then you have many opportunity in corporate market too.

In market, people wants to create content and text content is pillar of any business.

Also we have seen newspaper, websites they want good content writer.

You can write an article for a newspaper and website. here you don’t need to invest any money to start your earning.

You can start your own website and you can write good content.

How to start free website?

Website is very easy way to communicate with people. You can attract people by writing informative content.

  1. You can start your website using free platform Like Blogger or word-press.
  2. I recommend you select Blogger platform to start your free website.
  3. Blogger is Googles platform which is totally free for users.
  4. You can make good looking website and you can write your content there.
  5. Using ads you can earn money from your website.

Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager is another way to start a part-time business without investment.

Here we have seen every company having their own social media account. And that account need to manage. for that purpose company needs persons to handle that accounts.

You can handle that account by your home. you need to contact company and deal with them for this work.

You can generate good amount of money through that business.


As we know YouTube is biggest video content crater platform. Everyday thousand of video upload on this platform.

Here we need to understand YouTube is a totally free platform for anyone.

You can watch video free and also can make video for YouTube.

How you can start part-time business without investment though YouTube.

How you can make money through a YouTube channel?

I have seen many people are making money through YouTube.

For making money you need to create viral content for YouTube audience.

Once you start getting views, you can monetize your channel and can make money.


start Blogging

Before start explaining about blogging have you heard about Blog?

I have notice lot many people doesn’t know about blogging.

So without wasting time I am going to tell you what is actual blogging concept.

So blogging is nothing but website where people try to share their knowledge through website or blog.

What is difference between blog and website?

Main and major difference is website doesn’t need to update regularly.

Where Blog need to update daily. A blog is a place where people share there experience with people.

How can say blogging is part-time business without investment?

Here you need to understand you can start your blog with investment and without investment.

But we are talking about without investment method. You can start your blog using blogger platform. Blogger platform is totally free.

How to make money through blogging?

Blogging is a platform where you can make money. It is not easy process but once you start earning then it is a long term money generating platform.

Here are many way to make money through blogging.

But people easy way is Google Ad-sense. Google Ad-sense is platform where you can you can approve your blog for monetization.

Once your blog get approval then you can put ads on your blog.

When the reader clicks on those ads then you can make generate money through Ad-sense.

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